Ok, we all KNOW better, but we get in a hurry and first thing you know, your day blows up in your face! We can see that very expensive earring as it flies down the side of the bowl. We grab for it and watch as it slides past the stopper and into the yucky abyss below. Don’t want to tell the hubs, but what to do?

I could go on, but we have all had a situation like this if not this…LOL…done it twice myself! Fortunately, I know to turn off the water and loosen the trap all by myself and the hubs never knows how I spent my morning.

So, what is the point here? A diamond earring is something that is valued. So is your family, your relationships, your health. Do you value your health? Do you make time for you?

As a sixteen year ovarian cancer survivor I have learned the value of good health and I strongly believe in protecting the health that I have. My-father who had his first heart attack at 42 and died at 59-came to realize, albeit too late, that once good health is gone, the most valuable thing in life is gone. He always put us and his job first and did not make time for himself.

Are you making time for you? What do you do to value your health and well being? I would love to know if you value yourself more as a Queenager or when you were a teenager. Send me an email with your thoughts.