For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing her, you know that “shoes” were one of Debbie’s few “vices”. SHE JUST LOVED SHOES! Black ones, gold ones, flat ones, stilettos-she loved them all. In that spirit and to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of her passing, PGCS is conducting a shoe drive that will benefit both PGCS and families in third world countries.

Here’s how it works: from March 1 through May 31st, volunteers from PGCS will be collecting gently worn or new shoes; ALL types of shoes-men’s, women’s, kids, leisure, athletic, sandals, etc. There will be sites around Gainesville where you can drop off shoes or if you have a really large donation, we will arrange pick up from your destination. Once all the shoes are sorted and weighed, PGCS will be given their check for the collection and the shoes will be sent to third world countries like Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti and others to provide women and their families a chance to improve their living conditions. It’s a WIN-WIN for all – PGCS, the families overseas, and most of all – YOU – because you helped keep some of the 600 million pairs of shoes that annually end up in landfills  AND your closets will be neater!

We hope you will consider participating in this unique fundraiser and do some Spring Cleaning at the same time. Just drop us a note on our contact form and let us know how you want to help or call the office at 770-406-3406 and leave a message.

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